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Diamond Kyparissia Suites.
Tο αληθινό διαμάντι φιλοξενίας της Κυπαρισσίας
Ένα σύγχρονο πολυτελές ξενοδοχείο!
Για οικογένειες, ζευγάρια, παρέα φίλων!
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Diamond Kyparissia Suites

A true diamond of hospitality

Experience an integrated experience of relaxation, fun and activities based on the relaxation offered by our high standard accommodation, the enjoyment of local cuisine and the beauty of a unique landscape that combines the blue of the sea with the green of nature.
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At Diamond Kyparissia Suites, you will have the hospitality of your dreams. All our rooms are designed to provide you with comfort and aesthetics of a high level...

Diamond Kyparissia Suites

Deluxe Suites

Are you a family of 4 or a large group? Then, this impressive maisonette is for you!

Diamond Kyparissia Suites


The double apartments on the first floor offer you an excellent sea or mountain view…

Diamond Kyparissia Suites

Are you a couple or best friends? Then our double ground floor room is what you need!



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Staying at Kyparissia Diamond Suites could not be so exciting if it were not accompanied by a host of general amenities that raise the level of hospitality, offering you additional possibilities and amenities.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Parking

Extra Electrical

Luggage transfer

In-person presence of a person in charge

Swim in its "diamond" waters

Our Pool

Diamond Kyparissia Suites has an impressive swimming pool measuring 10m X 5m which is maintained according to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Also, for our little friends, there is a children’s pool measuring 5m X 2.5mso that you feel even more confident.

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